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Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Area:1500*3000mm
Cutting Thickness:0 -30mm
Smooth cutting surface,little deformation,pretty leveling appearance


CNC Bending machine

CNC bending machine is the use of the equipped mold (general or special mold) under the cold metal sheet bending into a variety of geometric section shape of the workpiece.

Powder spraying

Powder spraying is the use of powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spray molding machine) powder coating to the surface of the workpiece, under the electrostatic action, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece,Powder spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects better than painting process.


Punching Machine

Stamping production is mainly for the plate.Through the mold, can make blanking, punching, molding, drawing, dressing, fine punching, shaping, riveting and extrusion pieces, and so on, widely used in various fields.


Welding Machine

Welder refers to the electric appliance that provides certain power source for welding. Due to the advantages of flexible, simple, convenient, firm and reliable welding, and even equal strength with base material after welding, it is widely used in various industrial fields.

CNC Milling &Turning

The milling process can produce shaping as well as details in a piece: shapes, slots, holes, notches, grooves, pockets, and specialty faces are all results of custom millwork. Shapes that can be made include a variety of plain, taper, contour, fillet and radius profiles plus threaded surfaces