CNC bending machine


The working principle of CNC bending machine:
The upper and lower molds are respectively fixed to the upper and lower working tables of the machine, and the hydraulic table is used to drive the work table to combine the shapes of the upper and lower molds to realize the bending forming of the plate.

The bending machine consists of four parts:
1. Mechanical Department 2. Electrical Part 3. Hydraulic Part 4. NC Electrical Control Section

Bending machine type:
(1) Up-moving type: the lower table does not move, and the pressure is lowered by the upper slider;
(2) Down type: the upper machine is fixed, and the lower work table is raised to achieve pressure.

The basic principle of the bending process sequence:
1. Bending from the inside to the outside. 2. Bending from small to large. 3. Bending the special shape first, then bending the general shape. 4. The previous process does not affect or interfere with the subsequent process after molding.