Coating Adhesion Test

Hundreds of knives, the dimension of the knife edge is regarding 10mm~12mm, each 1.0mm~1.2mm is spaced, there area unit ten grids. once the road is drawn down, there’ll be ten line marks with a similar interval, which is able to be drawn at the vertical position of the straight knife mark. Became a sq. of one hundred squares of 10*10. once the 100-grain knife is drawn down, it ought to be move very cheap of the fabric. It shouldn’t be cut solely on the paint, otherwise the take a look at won’t be established.

When the knife is finished, it should be tested with tape to stop it from decline in quality. First, the tape is connected to the position of the hundred grid, the tape is ironed tightly with the finger ironed, and also the tape is torn up with an immediate force, visually on the fabric. whether or not the paint is shedding additionally, the tape isn’t a random one. In terms of JIS standards, it’s necessary to specify the complete and model. for instance, 3M’s clear Tape 600 includes a dimension of 3/4 in. and a length of 1296inch and 2592inch.

1 .Experimental purpose

Adhesion take a look at, like for painting, plating, etc.

2. experimental conditions and standards

It is stipulated that the tape of 3M600 or 610 is adhered to the bag, and also the 3M tape is quickly force up, and also the range of the highest coat or the electrical layer is pasted by the tape per the proportion of the hundred grid.